Mid-century Modern Architecture Exhibit

Mid-century Modern Architecture Exhibit

Lynn Hall

This year as part of the Pa State Museum’s 50th anniversary celebration the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission is hosting a juried photo exhibition of mid-century modern architecture. The show will open to the public on Sunday, October 25, 2015 until run until February 28, 2016. The last day to submit entries was Tuesday, June 30th. We are now in that “anxious waiting period” awaiting notification from the Museum on their photograph selections.

For my photo submission I choose to go a little off the beaten path. When I started to research mid-century modern architecture I came across several references for a building located way up in Port Alleghany, Pa. It’s name is Lynn Hall.

Lynn Hall was built in the early 1930’s by a man named Walter J. Hall. Mr. Hall, as it turns out was the builder that Frank Lloyd Wright and Edgar Kaufman hired to build the famed Fallingwater house. Wow, I thought, if I could get into this building to photograph, it would be perfect.

A little later in my research I came across the name and contact information of the current owners. I sent a brief introductory email and a made follow up telephone call. As I was hoping for, I was granted permission to photograph Lynn Hall. Much to my surprise, I was also given permission to photograph the small cottage next to Lynn Hall.

The cottage, I found out, was also built by Walter Hall.  It is now the onsite residence of the owners Gary and Sue DeVore .

Since late June 2013, Gary and Sue have been tirelessly running the Lynn Hall Restoration Project, a monumental effort to reclaim and restore this historic property. They have come a long way towards restoring this building’s splendor!

Without further ado, here are the three pictures that I choose for the jury.


My only disappointment is that they only allowed three photos. I have so many good images it was hard to choose. I hope I choose the right ones..!

For much more on the history of Lynn Hall click here: Welcome To Lynn Hall. For more information on the restoration project click here: Lynn Hall Restoration Project

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  1. So cool! Great shots… Love the third one (interior). Good luck and hope you get in!

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