Huron Harbor Lighthouse

Huron Harbor Lighthouse

mg_4175Back at the end of March I attempted, in one day, to visit 8 lighthouses scattered across Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Despite my best efforts I only made it to the first six. The details of those lighthouses can be found here: Six Lighthouses Blog. The remaining two lights, Huron Harbor and the Vermilion Light , both of which are located on Lake Erie in Ohio had to wait for another day. Last Friday I was able to return to Huron, Ohio to visit the Huron Harbor Light. Below are 10 images from my visit.

When I was here in March the sun had set and it was pretty dark. At that time I decided not to venture out onto the pier because it felt a little to remote and I was unsure of the 1/4 mile walk. As it turns out this was a good decision. The walk starts out easy enough on a concrete pier but about halfway out it turns onto a stone breakwater. In the daytime it was easy but I know I would have ended up in the water walking out there at night. With stops for photos the walk took a half hour out and a half hour back. There were people fishing along the pier and at the lighthouse. As you can see I got some photos of the “catch”, some shots the local birds and the factories along the Huron River. It was a pleasant walk.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to visit the Vermilion Light on this trip so it will have to wait til next time. As always, your comments are welcome.

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