Six Lighthouses

Six Lighthouses

It’s been some time since I last posted a new blog. Life has a way of butting in on occasion but anyway…

Last week I had some business in the windy city of Chicago. I drove out on Monday and worked in the office thru Wednesday evening. Business concluded, I checked out early Thursday and headed north to Evanston, Illinois.

Always on the lookout for photographic opportunities, I had hoped to take advantage of my  return trip by planning out a route to eight lighthouses that I had not previously seen. The list included, Groose Point, Old Michigan City, Michigan City East Pierhead, Celina, Behm’s (Grimm Memorial), Northwood, Huron Harbor, and the Vermilion Lighthouse. The driving mileage totaled up to about 500 miles. On the first part of the trip I traveled in heavy traffic in the Chicago area. Despite this fact I was optimistic that I would make it to every location.

The first stop was the Groose Point Lighthouse north of Chicago in the town of Evanston. As some folks may know, Evanston is home to Northwestern University. The lighthouse is on Lake Michigan just to the north of the university. Built in 1872-73 for about $35,000, it is constructed of brick and stands 113 feet tall. I made some images of the keepers house and the light from the front side and a couple from the top of the dune on the beach side. With an eye on the time I quickly made my way back to my car and on to the next light.

The next stop was 74 miles away across Lake Michigan in the town of Michigan City, Indiana. Here there are two lighthouses, Old Michigan City Light and Michigan City East Pierhead Light. The city ownes both lighthouses and both are in Washington Park. The Old Michigan City light is a land based, two story house with an integrated tower. The East Pierhead Light is located in on the lake. It is at the end of a long concrete pier and was once owned by the coast guard. After a few photographs of each light I was back in the car and off to lights four, five and six.

Next up, a 183 mile drive to a man-made lake in the state of Ohio that boasts 3 lighthouses. Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park is located south of Lima, Ohio between the towns of Saint Marys and Celina. Located on this lake are the Celina Lighthouse, Northwood (Eddystone) Lighthouse and Behm’s (Grimm Memorial) Lighthouse. Interestingly, until the construction of the Hoover Dam, Grand Lake was the largest man-made reservoir in the world. I was able to photograph all three lighthouses even though the Northwood Lighthouse is not accessible and located entirely on private property.

With 6 of 8 lighthouses in the can I pointed the car north to Lake Erie and the town of Huron. Unfortunately after I plugged in the Huron Harbor Lighthouse coordinates into my GPS it cheerfully informed me that I would not arrive in Huron until after sundown. Not one to let a little darkness get in the way I still made the 148 mile drive. I arrived on Main Street in Huron at 8:30PM. I could not see the light from the parking area and I did not have a good feeling about walking the 1/4 mile out over the stone sea wall to get to the light so I decided to officially end my tour. The Huron Harbor Lighthouse and the Vermilion Lighthouse will have to wait for another day.

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