I Still Love Ocean City, Maryland…!!

Ocean City

I’ve been vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland for over 30 years. Robrandi and I have been going twice a year for quite some time. We go to Springfest in May, then Sunfest in September. After all this time, I can honestly say I still love going there.

Because of family commitments in May and other conflicts around Sunfest, we decided to go to Ocean City after the Labor Day Campfest. We stayed right off the boardwalk at the Tidelands Caribbean Hotel & Suites from Tuesday through Sunday. The Schadt’s came down to join us on Thursday night and stayed through Sunday as well.

Hotel Drama…

We have stayed in the Tidelands before. Similar to a lot of the boardwalk hotels, it is well worn and showing it’s age. Wednesday night the fire alarm panel that controls the elevator went bad. Robrandi and I were forced to evacuate the hotel twice in the middle of the night. Firetrucks and police showed up and went through the hotel both times. Finally someone figured out what was wrong and they disabled the elevator that was causing the alarm.

We always get a room overlooking the pool. From this location we can witness all the craziness that goes on there and at the Bluefin Poolside Bar & Grill. This year was no disappointment. Saturday night there was a late night Bachelorette Party. Beers, drinks, flying jello shots, table dancing, bra and pantie swimming. There some crazy ass long haired dude doing some kind of messed up lock step dance around the pool and bar. It was clear that none of the girls liked him, he was such an asshole.

Tropical Storm Lee…

Despite the torrential rains that occurred in central Pennsylvania which caused record flooding and destruction, our weather was rather nice. We had some overcast days and some sunny days. The temperature was warm and surprisingly there was no rain. We had a couple of very nice beach days. Due to Tropical Storm Lee the surf was a lot higher than normal and the rip currents were pretty fierce. We saw the lifeguards enter the water on four different occasions to rescue people caught in rip currents. Thankfully no one that we saw was injured.


As always in Ocean City we had the “Beach Metal Detector Squadron” parade by. Then the obligatory “Are You Ready For Your Scopes Dude” and the obnoxious “Boardwalk French Fry Gulls”. These never change. We saw the “Sea Rocket”, the “O.C. Rocket”, “Parasail” and a pack of “Sexy Bikini Girls” These never change either.

Good Food…

The food is always good. We consumed large quantities of shrimp, oysters, oyster stew, crab chowder, fish, Kohr Brothers frozen yogurt, and Candy Kitchen fudge. There is always several midnight, large pep-mush pizza’s from the Dough Roller. They are so awesome..!! Dough Roller has THE best Boardwalk Pizza. Umm-umm good…!!

We visited all of our favorite haunts including:

  • M.R. Ducks Bar & Grill
  • Harrison’s Harbor Watch Restaurant & Raw Bar
  • The Frog Bar & Grill
  • Brass Balls Saloon
  • Hammerheads Raw Bar & Grill
  • Plim Plaza Caribbean Pool Bar & Grill
  • Secrets
  • Fish Tales
  • Bluefin Poolside Bar & Grill

I was drinking chocolate milk……not….!!

Everyone is always sad when Sunday rolls around because it signals an end to the fun and the vacation. After packing and checkout we had our Sunday breakfast at the Dough Roller (they have great breakfast’s too). After breakfast we said our goodbyes with hugs and kisses and started our journeys home. So it was…. I love OCMD…!!

I always look forward to the next visit…. Springfest 2012…!!

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  1. Thats funny Sandi…! You know, It’s not all about you and Mr. Phil anymore. Robrandi says hi..!

  2. When I first read ” the Schadt’s came down to join us” I was a little confused…..doesn’t take much….hahaha Glad you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

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