Top Secret Waterfront Mural

A few weeks ago while I was on my noontime walk along the river I came upon a fellow who asked me if I wanted to know something “Top Secret”. Normally I don’t talk to strangers but he had a notebook/sketch pad and a small ladder. He was sitting on the sidewalk by the concrete wall at the old waterworks building. Curiosity got the best of me so I said “sure, tell me your top secret”.

His name was Rocky Woodling, a local graphic designer with, as his website declares, “super powers”. Rocky told me that he had obtained approval to paint a mural on the waterworks wall. He was in the process of planning out the execution phase.

The waterworks wall is semicircular and constructed of concrete. The individual wall sections have square insets. Rocky explained the he had designed and built two large stencils. His plan was to spray paint the stencil onto the wall. With the help of an assistant, they would alternate and move the stencils from inset to inset until the wall was covered.

I asked Rocky about the timing of his installation. He went on to say that it would probably be done in the early morning hours but he didn’t know when. His hope was to have it “just appear” and be done.

On Monday during my walk I came upon the completed mural.

For more information on Rocky please visit his website at:

In addition to Rocky there were numerous people that helped him pull of the mural. A big shout out and a gracious thank you to the following people:

Megan Davis,  Seth Derr,  Keith Bell,  Matt Klinger,  Maryalice Warfield,  Mackenzie Christiana,  Anthony Christiana,  Alex Arcuri

and the following companies:

Sprocket Mural Works  and  Kahler Remodeling (ladders and painting equipment)

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  1. The mural looks awesome Rocky! Great work..! Photos taken with my point and shoot, wish I had my dslr…anyway, thankx for the complement.

  2. These are great photos dude! I’m glad I let you in on my secret plan. The Pride of the Susquehanna is a nice touch for sure.

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