Jimson Weed

Today a made a somewhat startling discovery. One of the wonderful plants that I have been photographing for several years, is highly toxic and can actually be fatal in relatively…

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Life and Death on the River

I have written about my daily, noontime walks along the Susquehanna and specifically about death on the river before, however, yesterday's walk was very saddening. I saw more death on…

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Hiawatha Humdinger

On Friday I saw the Hiawatha and the humdinger. Just wanted you to know. That's all. Albums | Ganesha on the Susquehanna | Viking Funeral

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(No) Reflections on a Catfish

I have had glasses now for 6 years. In that time, for one reason or another I had never bothered to get prescription sunglasses and to be honest I don’t know why. Prior to my needing prescription glasses I had always worn polarized sunglasses especially on and around water. You can just see much better with them because they really cut any glare. My prescription is not that strong but I do need correction for both far and near. Because I can not stand having anything appear blurry I wear my glasses constantly and not having prescription sunglasses I have spent the last 6 years with basically no sunglasses. (more…)

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