Training for the Tough Mudder

Training for the Tough Mudder

Everyone knows that when preparing for an event the earlier you start the better that you will be. For the record, Tough Mudder training rule no. 101 says “train hard, train long and start early”.

It should be no surprise for you to learn that my daughter Studgie started her Tough Mudder training in 1984 at the age of 1. You have to overlook the bonnet and the pink pants, that was Robrandi’s doing but who is that hot dude in the red socks and hiking boots…?

We always enjoyed taking the children on hiking adventures. This hike is along the Kelly’s Run Loop Trail in Holtwood, Pa.

The Tough Mudder is from 2012. It held in Pocono Manor, Pa. The name of my daughter and son in laws team was Team Gypsy Camp. Twinkle Toes is the name of the obstacle.

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