Gold Coins!

Gold Coins!

Last evening was the Harrisburg Camera Clubs last regular Digital Image Competition of the year. It was a member chosen “Themed” competition with “Reflections” as the chosen theme. There were a total of 39 entries and I had the wonderful pleasure of having my image, Forest Reflection – Mt Holly take first place.

Before the review of all the digital entries, the Club presented the awards for this years prior Digital Image Competitions as well as the prior Print Competitions. The awards consisted of Gold, Silver and Bronze coins embossed with the words “Harrisburg Camera Club Excellence Award”, a Camera and the State of Pennsylvania with a Star denoting the city of Harrisburg. Very nice, I must say!

I was awarded five – 1st place Gold Coins and two – 3rd place Bronze Coins.

There are many very good photographers in this club and I am proud to be a member. I would like to graciously thank all the Judges, Club Officer’s and Members for their support, kind words and encouragement. The recognition that my work has received over the past two years has been phenomenal and I am truly grateful! Thank you all!

My awards for the Print Competition were:

  1. The Hangman – Color – 1st Place
  2. The 581 Project – Scene 2 – Black/White – 1st Place
  3. The Air Blending Chanber – Black/White – 1st Place
  4. Windows in the Malt House – Color – 3rd Place

My Awards for the Digital Image Competion were:

  1. The Winding Room – 1st Place
  2. Forest Reflection – Mt. Holly – 1st Place
  3. The Workhouse – 3rd Place

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  1. All are well deserved!

    Bling Bling
    Bling Bling Bling!

  2. BTW, you could make one heck of a necklace out of all those coins. It would compliment the hat!

  3. Well deserved!

  4. Love your work Jim!

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