Leiher vs. Doyle Wedding
I look Good!

Leiher vs. Doyle Wedding

Lighted Heart Decoration

Mike and Katie, your wedding was fantastic. Both Robrandi and myself had a awesome time. Thank you very much for inviting us.  Everyone we met was wonderful. We hope you have a wonderful time on your Honey Moon..!!

The wedding and the reception were held in the big red barn at Friedman Farms in Dallas, Pa. The wedding ceremony was scheduled to be held outside under a big old tree but due to rain at the last minute the ceremony was moved inside to the second floor of the barn. Because I just wanted to enjoy the day with Robrandi without lugging around my Eos 7D and all my accessories I opted to leave it at the hotel. Unfortunately my point and shoot, an older Canon Powershot A480, really sucks in low light situations. I managed to shoot 195 photos but only a handful are in focus. Here are a few from the ceremony on the second floor:  Ceremony

Seating/Table Assignment Tags

When I picked up our table assignment I told Robrandi, “I Look Good”. She said that’s nice but what is our table number..? I told her “I look Good”. She was walking down through the barn telling me  ” but I don’t see the table numbers. What could I say … “I look Good”.

More to follow ….. too many goings on … weddings, graduations, passing the CRNA exam …!!!

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