October Snowfall

October Snowfall

This weekend was the weekend we scheduled to close down the cottage for the winter. We have to pack up and take home anything that can freeze. I drain down the water and freeze proof all the drain traps. It takes about 4 hours or so to get it all done. Of course we have to make time to fit in a record breaking October snowfall.

No Power, No Telephone…

Friday sometime before we got to the cottage the telephone service went down. Today, in the October Snowfall the electricity went out. I called on my cell phone to report the electric outage. You are supposed call using the telephone line from where the outage is so that they can contact you back for the repair appointment. Well, that’s the phone line that went down….uggg..!! I could not get a service representative on the line to save my life. Meanwhile, Fanny kept saying, “just tell them there’s an elderly person in the house and there’s no heat that’s what I always do”. I’m talking to an automated system with one word answers. Fanny can’t understand it’s not a real person on the other end of the phone. Crazy time I tell you…!!

Thankfully the power came back on around 7:00PM. When you are out in the middle of the woods you never know weather a squirrel got into a transformer or a tree fell and took down an overhead line. Who knows when the phone will be fixed. The appointment is for sometime between Tuesday of next week and the third Friday of October in 2015. The operator assures me that no one needs to be at the cottage to have it fixed. Okay… I tell her that there are two locked gates between the road and the cottage so just tell the service repair person to make sure they drive their flying trucks when they decide to get here. No one listens anymore..!!

Anyway, here are some images I made of the October Snow.

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October Snowfall Images

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