Via Con Dios Tom Mulder

Via Con Dios Tom Mulder

Today was the life celebration and memorial service for my friend Tom Mulder. It was held in Carlisle at the Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church. The ceremony had a large turnout and many of Tom’s friends from the Harrisburg Camera Club were in attendance. The service was lead by Steve Osborn one of Tom’s closest friends.

On December 5, 2012 Tom lost a long and difficult battle with cancer. He fought a hard fight and never once did he give up. A link to Tom’s obituary is here .

Tom’s family and many of his friends in attendance, including club members Randal Lathrop and Chip Cain, contributed to Tom’s eulogy by sharing their fondest memories and kindest regards. Tom’s Oncology doctor shared with everyone a story of how he uses Tom’s perseverance as an inspirational tool for his patients. Hanging in the cancer center, as a symbolic testament to Tom’s love of life, is a photograph of Tom skydiving with two thumbs up. This was taken after Tom had beat cancer for the first time. Through this photograph, the doctor said, Tom’s inspiration will live on.

Near the end of the ceremony, Steve Osborn, an airplane pilot, related to us that Tom was cremated and his last wish was for his ashes to be spread over the Susquehanna River and the Atlantic Ocean. Steve went on to say that Tom had called him on several occasions to make sure that he could carry out this final plan. In a comical way, Tom promised Steve that he would be quiet and the he wouldn’t take up much room. Steve told Tom that he would fulfill the plan.

We have lost a great photographer, a great friend and a truly great human being. Perhaps Tom’s brother Chris said it best, “Via Con Dios Tom!”

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  1. This is a beautiful written tribute to Tom. I only knew him briefly but I remember when he shared a slide show with the club. I would have been hard pressed to chose my favorite photo, they were all so outstanding. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I hope they go ahead with having a showing of his photos. I will definitely contribute to that.

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