Campfest 2012

Campfest 2012

Well Robrandi and I are back from another edition of our Lewistown event, CampFest 2012. It was a great success. Our group was a little bit smaller than last year but no less festive.

In no particular order we would like to thank all you all for making the weekend awesome: Erin, Ross, Kelly, Dan & Amy, Rick & Jacqui, Arlene & Bethany, Ed & Cindy, Mike & Katie, Cash, Zach & Anita, Troy & Megan, Narley, Hank, Phil & Jess. You guys are great. There is no substitute for good friends and close family.

Thank you all for your food and drink contributions and all your help throughout the weekend! We are both seriously proud to have all of you guys in our lives. We look forward to many more years of your great company.

A special thanks goes out to our Grill Chef’s, Erin and Megan! Thankx a lot girls! You guys are great grillers!

Robrandi would like to thank all the ladies for all of their help throughout the weekend! You guys are seriously domestic and I’m not kidding (that was me not Robrandi).

Congratulations to the Campfest Olympic Winners, Ed & Cindy (Gold), Phil & Jess (Silver) and Troy & Megan (Bronze). This was definitely a different twist on an already great event. For a future event we thought we might be able to drop all the grand kids into the river, in life jackets of course, and see which one makes it to the finish line first. Just a thought.

For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, let me just say, your company was dearly missed. You guys know who you are, and we hope that you will be able to join us next year.

We hope to see everyone next year at Campfest 2013!

Gyeem & Robrandi

PS: I’ll be posting up some photos in the near future. Plus I hope to send everyone a copy of the group photo soon.

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  1. The Wife and I were robbed of the gold!

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