New McVeytown Boat Launch & River Access

New McVeytown Boat Launch & River Access

Here’s the scoop on the new McVeytown boat launch and river access.

For our family and friends that have spent time with Robrandi and I at our cottage in Lewistown, I present the new McVeytown Boat Launch!

 New McVeytown Boat Launch
Construction at the new McVeytown boat launch and river access to the Juniata River.

You guys remember the bend along River Road where we put in when we go on our “Juniata Tubing Extravaganzas”? It was completely wooded and our access was down a rough, eroded dirt road. Well here is what it looks like now. This photo shows the site to the right of the old dirt road where we used to park the cars. The old dirt road is still there for now. I would bet it gets closed up as soon as the new boat launch and access are complete.

This is really a good thing but everyone needs to remember that if we put in canoes or kayaks we will need launch permits.

McVeytown is one of eight sites that got some money from the Park Service to fund the construction of new access sites. Here is an article from the Bay Journal and one from the Lewistown Sentinel.

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