C4FAP Exhibit – Black & White 2014

C4FAP Exhibit – Black & White 2014

“Persistence pays off”, right?!  …. so after 3 years and 12 tries, early Tuesday evening I received word that one of my photographs was accepted into the Black & White 2014 exhibit at the Center for Fine Art Photography. The C4FAP Black & White exhibit is an annual event. The center is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is awesome! The name of the photograph is, The Route 581 Project – Scene 2.

It looks like I’ll be booking a flight to Fort Collins to visit the C4FAP in the very near future. How could I not, right? It might be a one in a lifetime opportunity. I can’t let this pass by.

Most of my friends have already seen this image. I have written about the origin of this photograph and the Harrisburg Camera Club’s public art project twice, here and here.

What you may not know is that this is a limited edition photograph. There are only 10 copies. I sold three of them already. There are seven remaining. In addition there is very special pricing on this print. Check out my gallery page for this information, The 581 Project 2012. You better hurry and contact me for your copy before time runs out and the price goes up.

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  1. Thankx Jess. Yes, I will be going out to Fort Collins.

  2. Great Job!! Nice that one of your photos is so popular. (Popular enough to have it be limited edition, even!) Great job, and I guess this means a trip for you out to Colorado, an added bonus!

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