Dead Things Part 2 – Riverfront Park Crayfish

Dead Things Part 2 – Riverfront Park Crayfish

Imagine if you belonged to a species that was routinely fished for and consumed by other species. I don’t mean “fished for” in the modern day digital sense, as in the common “phishing scam”. I mean, in a more literal sense, such as with a fishing hook, sharp talons or pointy beak. This would be an utterly terrifying way to live out your existence.

You could never know whether the tasty morsels of food that appear before your eyes were truly yummy snacks or a much more sinister disguise for a sharpened hook. Just coming out the front door of your house in the morning might cause you to be plucked away, dismembered, dried and devoured. Such is the fate of my close friends, the Riverfront Park Crayfish.

During my many noontime walks along the banks of the Susquehanna River, I have borne witness to hundreds if not thousands of sun baked, de-tailed, dismembered crayfish. I have seen all of their various parts and pieces strewn about the concrete stairs. Most of these unfortunate crayfish live just below the water surface under step #13.

The Crows…

It seems that an unruly flock of crows (no relation to me) has a large appetite for my tasty crayfish friends. They walk back and forth along the top of step #13 until a crayfish pokes it head out. Instantly the crow plucks the crayfish from the water and flings it up to the sidewalk. Next it begins to surgically dismember it for its tail meat.

After consuming the tail meat, the crows leave the tail-less crayfish and their empty tails to bake in the sun. This is how they get to a nice lobster red color.

The Unknown…

Along with the unruly crows and various other birds that consume the crayfish, there is something BIG lurking out there. Whatever it is, it eats whole family’s of crayfish. Having eaten it fill, it poops out all the shells in one large chunk of scat. I haven’t identified this creature yet but the evidence is undeniable. I’m not sure if it’s a muskrat, mink, river otter or a psychotic ground hog. I’m keeping my two eyes open and my camera ready.

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  1. Jim, These are cool and those last two look like modern art, the kind where the artist has gone to the dump and collected other’s refuse to create something unique and beautiful.

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